Time of fresh pumpkins found on the farmer market are close…it almost smells Halloween…

But before considering exposing a huge costumed pumpkin on your front door …why not considering the delicious taste of healthiness right on your table?

I cooked this pumpkin that way for the very first time last year when I was staying in Australia.

Pumpkins were fresh…I bought one along the road…in the countryside… on a little stall…picked up the same morning in the field…with a tiny sign, please help yourself and leave the money in the cashier box…and by the way, they also had fresh branches of rosemary…

I had to share that story…since I find fabulous that people can trust each others….

Ok, back in the kitchen…

This is the simplest recipe ever….

Take a fresh pumpkin

fresh organic pumpkin from farmer market

Cut large slices of this beautiful pumpkin….

-Use a cooking paper if you want to protect your large dish,

-spread some olive oil on the bottom,

-lay your pumpkin slices in the dish

-spread some olive oil, a pinch…or two…even tree…of turmeric powder ( great against inflammation…), himalayan salt….or any natural good quality of salt (fleur de sel…)

-don’t forget your rosemary…it is offering a wonderful flavor to your dish…and is very healthy for your belly…

-Cook for 1 hour, check the tenderness with the tip of a knife…if it turns brown too fast, cover with a cooking paper for 20 minutes


-It’s ready to serve

My tips:

-While the pumpkin is cooking, take some time for meditation or exercising…breathing…and relax. Enjoy the smell of a wonderful meal getting ready….

-Cook your whole pumpkin  the same day, and keep the leftover in the fridge, you can re heat it anytime, or add some pumpkin’s cubes in a salad…

-You can add some crumbled macadamia nuts, almonds and or chia seeds before serving…

-If you like to have some salmon (or meat), you can add some pieces over your pumpkin slices 10 minutes before ending the cooking…

– This is a great, easy, paleo recipe. All the ingredients are helping people struggling with auto immune issues.


Bon Appétit les Amis