I already shared a crepe recipe last year…obviously…I ma a crepe lover 🙂

At that time I wasn’t that conscient paleo would help me even more to stay in very good shape and keep the health I am dreaming for…

fat easy paleo crepe

So now that I am more and more in the paleo kind of cooking…here is my new easy version of paleo crepes.

To be frank, I have a more sophisticated version…but if you are in the rush…this is the recipe you need.

This recipe is gluten free, grain free, dairy free…its a paleo…no doubt 

Ingredients needed for 4 crepes (depending on the size of your frying pan):

-1 cup of almond flour ( powder)

-2 to 3 organic- free range eggs (depending on the size of the eggs)

-1/4 cup of almond milk (or any non dairy milk you like…macadamia, hazelnut…)

-coconut oil (substituting butter for cooking)


How to proceed:

Mix the almond powder with the eggs to obtain a creamy almost liquid dough, if the dough is not liquid (dripping) add the third egg.

Add the almond milk and finish mixing.

Heat your fried pan with coconut oil on middle high level ( my tip, to ease the flip of your crepe, use preferably a small pan, with a low edge)

Pour 1/4 of your mixture in the pan and spread gently with a spatula

Let it cook for a couple of minute, than gently flip your crepe and cook the other side.

Cook all your crepes and enjoy….

I like it with an apple syrup ( paleo apple syrup belgian recipe), some grinder vanilla, cinnamon and maple syrup…

This is a real delight for desert….even if I eat it very often for lunch with a mix of vegetable or a ratatouille

paleo delicious crepe recipe



It is easy to keep your crepes in the fridge for a couple of days…


Bon Appétit les Amis