How can we make the difference between seeds and grains?

grain vs seed paleo

Recently I have been adviced to follow a paleo diet.

This is the reason why you see more and more paleo recipes on my blog lately…

I used to cook some paleo recipe before knowing the boundaries of what is paleo, what is gluten free…

And honestly, we have, in that topic, mater to be lost.

It is easily understandable that eating almost” like cavemen” is the rule…but how can we make the difference between some subtilities?

Hey, I am from Belgium but grow up in France…and in French, we use a unique word for both: graine

So, in French everything eadable looking like grain…. is grain. When we talk about seeds, we are talking about the plant’s “semen”, the part of the plant which will only serve to produce another plant.

And now, it seams so obvious…that it is no “black or white” answer to my question.

I have done a lot of researches, and probably the easiest way to put it, is to claim:

All grains are seeds but not all seeds are grains

It’s a little bit like saying all the dogs are mammals but not all mammals are dogs….

Back to grains versus seeds

Should be considered a grain, the fruit from any grass plant ( where gluten is found)

Should be considered a seed, the embryonic plant covered with a coat, from any other plant than from grass plants.


It is also to be noticed that the human hand…and brain…came up with culture, selection of grains…with the purpose of producing more flour..productivity is the key word…

This genetic evolution on plants has been fast…too fast for our own body evolution…

therefore, our intestines didn’t progress as fast…and are not adapted to digest some grains, without producing toxins…and here we are…with gluten and grain intolerances.

Now that I learned this detail…I can go back to my recipes…back to some french gluten free paleo gourmet.

Stay healthy…and try paleo

Bon appétit