Apple Syrup is a Pure Goody for your Health…and Taste Buds

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The history of this fruits’ reduction is very ancient.

First the Romans, who had no sugar, were using honey, or were reducing grapefruits to get syrup as sweetneners.

But in the early XXst century, a Belgian region called Liège began to produce an apple and pier syrup.

All my family being from Belgium- Europe, I grow up with this Liège syrup spreaded on my bread every morning for breackfast, I was also eating meat dishes made up with “sirop de Liège”…and I have to say, when I was hungry and dinner wasn’t ready, I used to sneack into the pantry with a tea spoon to dig on that black acidulous jar…(ok, maybe when I found out Nutella was existing….my fondness kind of switched…if I had knew what a bad idea it was for my health…)

Now I am back to my childhood habits…back to healthy goodies

spreadable apple syrup

But being so fare away from Belgium, I can’t find it ready to use. I am living part time in New Caledonia, part time in Australia now…let’s say…on the other side of the Planet from Belgium and France.

Trying to follow a paleo diet, I don’t want to dig into jams packed with sugar…

So here I am with my assays to cook my very first own apple syrup

Ingredients needed for cooking apple syrup:


when I mean apples… I mean a lot of apples, since you will make a fruit reduction, you won’t have that much syrup at the end.

My first try was with 2 kg or 2.2 pounds.

-The juice of 2 lemons for this quantity of apple

-2X 1 glass of mineral water

How to proceed to cook your apple syrup:

It is extremely simple and extremely long, I even have to add, extremely looooong.

If you have a slow cooker, it will make it easier (I don’t have one, so I used a regular saucepan with its lid)

Use organic apple since you won’t peel your apples, I am sure you don’t want pesticides and preservatives in your syrup.

1-Cut them in 4 pieces,

apples for apple syrup

I decided not to filter my mixture but rather to blend it, so my advice is to remove the stem and the blossom end…but leave the core with the seeds as well as the skin. These parts are containing a lot of fibers and pectin, which is what we want to keep. For my first try, I didn’t removed the stem nor the blossom end…my syrup is still delicious, but I can find some fibers in this syrup, so here is how I would emprove it.

Next time, I think I will filter without blending, to see the difference…I will let you know in an update.


2- Pour all the ingredients into your slow cooker or a large sauce pan and select the lowest heater on your hotplate.

3- Cover.

4-Let it cook for at least 4 hours. If cooking in a saucepan, stir every hour or so.

5- Transfer the all mixture into your blender, blend until getting an homogeneous past.

6- Retransfer into your saucepan or slow cooker, and let it cook for 4 more hours…I know, this is the tough part of it….waiting looong hours….

7- Your mixture is turning darker and darker…to the point you obtain a caramel, dark brown apple syrup


pure apple syrup

The result is very pleasant…still it doesn’t taste the same as my childhood’s “sirop de Liege”.

I like it…and it contains a lot of pectin.

Why is pectin healthy:

1-Pectin controls intestines transit

Pectin is used for a very long time to control the gut transit. It is extremely rich in fibers.

2-Pectin is an excellent detoxifier

More recently, after the Tchernobyl atomic accident, a Russian scientific named Youri Bandazhevsky  made researches on deeply contaminated children. The results of these researches show a decrease of 62% of cesium. The conclusion is that pectin is mobilising the toxins and helping the intestines to detoxify.

3- Pectin lower cholesterol

Other studies published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition are showing that the daily intake of pectin for only 3 weeks is lowering cholesterol by 7 to 10 %.

4-Pectin protects against colon cancer

The presence of pectin inside the intestines may be an excellent prevention against cancer colon according to a study published in The Journal “Anti-Cancer-Research”. Pectin would inhibit tumor growth. The scientists conclusion was that substances resulting from the breakdown of pectin may protect against cancer.

5- Pectin stabilizes glycemia

The regular intake of pectin, which is an ingredient rich in soluble fiber can help to stabilize the glycemia which is a good benefit for people suffering from diabetes.

pure apple syrup for the taste and the healthy pectin

I hope you enjoyed my recipe,

please leave me comments, did you try this recipe, how did you like it…

Stay healthy, Stay happy…

Bon Appétit!!!