This Marzipan recipe is sugar free if needed…and also gluten free and dairy free

It fits alkaline diet…

almond healthy bites marzipan

To realize this recipe, you will need:

-Almond powder (flour): 3 tbsp per serving

– Melting coconut oil

-…and if you are not 100% out of sugar, you culd add a pinch of stevia unprocessed powder or coconut sugar which has a very low glycemic index

-Cinnamon powder mixed with coconut sugar or hazelnut powder

-Nuts, almonds or pistachio

These marzipan bites will provide good nutritionnal facts.

Almond is alkaline and are loaded with minerals. This is the healthiest nut, which is even helping to fight against heart disease and Alzheimer disease since it is providing your body with very good fat which is helpful for your brain.

Coconut Oil Contains a Unique Combination of Fatty Acids With Powerful Medicinal Properties

The Lauric Acid in Coconut Oil Can Kill Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi, Helping to Stay Off Infections, please check this post about coconut oil
Cinnamon powder is stimulating your organism

How to proceed:

It is so simple, just mix the almond powder introducing slowly coconut oil. Use a fork and knead the powder, depending on how thin is your almond flour, you will need more or less coconut butter. I used half less coconut oil than almond powder ( so I incorporated 1.5 tbsp of coconut oil)

Once obtaining a soft and homogeneous “dough”, hold in the fridge to let the consistancy turning harder. (If you want to add a tiny bit of sweetness, add a pinch of stevia powder or coconut sugar. This will depend on why you  stick on an alkaline diet. If it is to stay healthy, and if you do not consume more than 5% of sugar in your total daily diet, you will stay in a very healthy range for your alkaline diet, if you are fighting a cancer, this is not to substitute your medical treatment, but a good complementary factor, in this case, do not add any kind of sweetner)*

Once you get a firm consistancy (30 minutes to 1 hour), spread the dough between 2 plastic foil or backing paper. When you get the thickness you desire, use any cookie cutter to form your “bites”.

how to prepare healthy marzipan bites

Leave them on your cooking paper in the fridge up to the moment of serving.

Dress with cinnamon, hazelnut, dried cranneberries or goji berries and serve fresh.



*sugar, or glucose, is a substance which is really appreciated by cancerous cells. This is why the PET scan is using a radiactive glucose solution to diagnose a tumor…the glucose solution is better absorbed by cancerous cells and will appear on the imagery. So, as a complement, sugar free diet is helping in the process of healing from cancer.

This recipe is not to substitute from your doctor advises but only to offer you ideas to make your alkalind diet more fun and enjoyable…



Bon Appétit!!!