What is an Alkaline Diet?

Alkaline is the opposite of acid. If we eat fried food, processed food or drink sodas, sugar…

if we are intollerant to gluten, milk…we will suffer from acidosis…

Acidosis can lead to immune problems, multiple diseases, …even cancer can be increased  or maintained by acidosis. This is scientifically proved

Food is not the only way to get acidosis though, there are a couple of other factors:

-Stress is an important factor

-Untreated chronic infections stresses the body and lead to acidosis

-Chronic inflammation due to unapropriate or excessive sports

-Lack of sleep (your body needs rest to restore, metabolize and eliminate toxines)

-Heavy metals poisening is a considerable factor of acidosis since it is blocking the cells metabolism for the production of body’s energy


The best way to check if you are suffering from acidosis is to check your urine every morning before eating or drinking. You can test it at home with a PH paper test. You can buy these tests papers in your pharmacy or health store (…you know…it looks like swimming pool paper test)

ph paper test for acidosis

Click here  to read the article of this 8 years old girl saved from cancer with diet after chemotherapies and radiotherapies failure…this is spectacular!!!

The ideal urine PH will be between 7 and 7.5

If it is lower, it will meen you have too much acid into your body and your kidneys can’t eliminate it.

It also meen you can correct this acidosis with your diet.

You will need 3 to 5 weeks to let the changes in your diet operate on your whole body.

Be patient!


The purpose of this blog is not only to offer you gluten free recipes, but also to help you understand why it is so important to hold on your diet.

What is happening if you do not stick on your GF, DF Alkaline diet?

You will procur more toxines to your body and will overwhelme it unnecessary.

It is already overloaded with issues, fatigue, stress…or heavy metals…


I wish this blog will help you to keep your diet on….and to find and treat the origine of your acidosis…

Bon Appétit!!!