I haven’t been posting recipe for a while now…and I hope this one will catch up with this breach…

This recipe is so simple, so easy, so fast…and is using leftover of your last mashed potatoes side dish….

I believe it has everything to make your life easy…and all your family happy…the one with gluten free need…and the gourmets one…

French gluten free gourmet mashed potatoes soufflé


Ingredients you will need for 2 persons:

-leftover of mashed potatoes (1 large tbsp per person), and of course if yo don’t have leftover, you can make a fast mashed potates with dehydrated preparation for mashed potates…be sure to choose a gluten free preparation.

-2 tbsp of ham cubes or choped slices. I like to choose smoked ham, or sometimes serano ham (than it is really turning to be a gourmet meal!!!)

-3 eggs

-1 tbsp of provence herbs (thyme, origano, rosemary…whatever you have in your kitchen or in your aromatic garden that you enjoy)

-50 gramms, 1.7 Oz of grated cheese, I always have comté or beaufort in my fridge, and I am grating it at the last moment…delicious!!!

-salt and pepper


How to proceed:

-preheat your oven at 180°c- 350°F

-butter your oven approved ramekins

-slice your ham in little cubes

-separate the egg yolk  and keep the egg-whites appart

-whip your egg-whites to a light and firm mousse

-mix all the other ingredients together

-add salt and pepper, don’t use too much salt since your cheese and ham are already salted

-carefully incorporate your egg-whites mousse into your mixture

-pour in your ramekins

-cook for 20 minutes, than increase the t° to 200°C-380°F for the last 10 minutes

mashed potatoes gluten free soufflé


You can use a pinch of pink pepper or herbs for topping and decoration….

You will enjoy a complete, easy and delicious soufflé….


Bon Appetit les Amis!!!

If you liked it, leave me your comments or suggestions to improve my gluten free recipe.