A crispy dough, a flavored marinara sauce with a little french touch, some artichockes heart, a French gratted cheese, fresh herbs from South of France…this is heaven…and this is a gluten free pizza!!!

French gluten free gourmet pizza


Who is saying a pizza is a pizza?

If you try this gourmet recipe…you will probably change your mind!!!

Let me introduce you to my pizza…


for the dough:

1 and 1/2 cup of white rice flour

-1  cup of corn starch

-1/2 cup of potato starch

-3/4 cup of tepid water

– 1 tsp of sugar

– 1 tsp of salt

– 1 tbsp of yeast powder

– 6 tbsp of olive oil

-some extra flour to spread on your cooking paper

for the marinara sauce:

-your precooked usual marinara sauce

-2 tbsp of porto (you will cook it, so you won’t have any alcohol in it anymore…children can eat this marinara sauce)

-2 tbsp of whipping cream


for the toppings:

– ham

– french cheese: choose Beaufort Cheese or Comté (if you have a deli grocery store close by, you should find some…). If ou don’t find any, opt for a gruyère or an emmenthal cheese, you will grat it yourself at the last minute to keep all the flavor and amazing taste


-Thyme and origano herbs


How to proceed:

for the dough:

mix all the ingredients together to obtain a soft dough. Depending on the type and quality of your flour, you will maybe need to add some water… ( I experienced that when I was preparing a bread recipe…and am pretty sure it is all about the kind of flour we use…)

Once you get the nice dough aspect, roll  your dough on multiple balls (depending on if you cook individual pizza or large pizza).

Cover with plastic foil to keep it nicely warm and allow your dough to raise for approximately 30 minutes on a warm place.

Preheat you oven at 350 degrees….

pizza dough gluten free

During that time, take care of your marinara gourmet sauce.

once your dough is raised, lay it on a cooking paper and add your toppings

lay your gluten free pizza dough

for the marinara sauce:

Pour your ready to use marinara sauce in a pan, add the cream and the porto and let it reduce for a couple of minutes,….it’s ready


pizza before cooking


spread the gratted cheese

ready to cook gluten free pizza

cook it for 20 minutes

it’s ready…and delicious

pizza gluten free gourmet recipe



Bon appétit les Amis!!!

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