Crepes…I am probably cooking crepes since I was 6…and I wasn’t abble to use a scale…nore any measurement tools

So today, lets share this amazingly easy crepes recipe

How I was doing…and I have to say…still doing it that way…

my easy no measurement gluten free crepes

You will need:

For the crepes dough:

♥Your usual gluten free flour blend,

mine for crepes is aproximatelly 1/3 of white rice flour, 1/3 of  corn starch, 1/3 of buckwheat flour, I add xantham gum to give some fluffy feeling.


♥milk (or any dairy free milk substitute

♥a pinch of salt

♥some olive oil to cook


For your candied apples façon tarte tatin:

♣1 apple per person

♣butter or margarin

♣cane brown sugar

♣this time I added a pinch of cranneberry for the nice color and some acidulous taste…

How to proceed:

Pour your flour in a large bowl (let say 2/3 of a cup per person…anyway crepes are wonderful leftover to eat for breackfast…)

Brake an egg and blend…it will be to dry of course, breack another egg until you get a firm but elastic dough (almost like bread dough…), then pour your milk and blend…until you get the creamy texture…it still has to hold a little bit to your spoon…just like on the photo:

gluten free crepes dough

Once this is done…you are all good!!!

just heat your fried pan with a spray of olive oil, and pour the proper amount of dough in your pan….if you like them thin…use a spatula to spread your dough.

flip your crepe when turning a gold color

flip your crepe once your crepe turn a nice gold

proceed the same way until you cooked all your crepes…

french crepes gluten free recipe r

This is that simple…

kids love it, they love to cook crepes with you!!!

How to proceed for your candied apples:

candied apples for crepes

heat a huge knob of margarine or butter in a fried pan, cute you apples on large slices, pour them in the fried pan.

let it cook and very slowly candied, spread 1 tablespoon of sugar per apple. If you like it, spread a few cranneberry with your apples.

It has to slowly caramelize…upon your taste, add some cinnamon.

Your apples have to turn brown and soaked with caramel…

If your want to make a very nace presentation, you can cook very small crepes and dress your plate like that:

candied caramelized apples with small crepes

Isn’t it outragously yummy???

I love it…

If you do to, thank you to share it!!!

Bon Appétit les Amis