Melting and acidulous refreshing sherbet with a great fruits and roots blend, a marvelous digestive break or dessert.

Yesterday I came back from the local farmer market, and citrus are…everywhere on stalls…

In my basket, I had limes, lemons and combava lemon…

lemon and lime basket

I have to admit…way to much for our daily basis intake…so I had to figure out how to use these…no waste please 🙂

First of all, let me tell you a few words about combava. This is a fruit in the family of limes, with a fun, though very nice skin…very bitter, with amazing medicinal properties. From anti inflammatory to digestive or relaxing, …this little fruit has gigantic benefits and is full of anti oxidants…so I like to use it as often as I can…in cocktails, sauces…and now in ice creams!!!

Here is my Lime and ginger recipe:


limes and ginger for sherbet

– approximately 8 limes and 2 combava (or 10 limes)

– 3/4 cup of water

– 3 tbsp of grapefruit floral water (if you don’t find any…don’t panic, the recipe will taste wonderful without…grapefruit  hydrosol is helping to digeste…and has a nice flavor too)

–  1 cup of sugar

– 1 or 2 tsp (upon your taste) of fresh grated ginger


How to proceed:

Limes and ginger digestive sherbet

The day before, squeeze the limes to obtain approximately a glass of lime juice. If you don’t like to have pulp, filtre…I like it with pulp though…

In a pan, boil water and sugar for 2 minutes, let the syrup  cooling

Peel  and grat the fresh ginger and mix it with the lime juice.

Once the syrup is cold, mix it with the juice, the grapefruit floral water and keep it in the fridge for the night, it will allow your ginger to brew all night long and to fully give of its flavor…

The next morning…or at least 2 hours before eating, pour the blend in your ice maker to get the perfect texture (in fact, it depends on your ace maker…you know yours better…)…

Serve it with a touch of zest…


Bon Appétit mes Amis