Easy to cook and delicious to savor vanilla Curry fusion sweet mached potatoes recipe.

You will love it, your kids will adore it. 

Vanilla sweet potatoes verrine

Actually I am often eating that side dish on a Sunday evening as a main dish…than just add fried bacon or ham.

Ingredients you will need:

sweet potato raw

– 3 sweet potatoes

– 4 tablespoon of vanilla macerated in organic macadamia oil (click to see the DIY recipe), or vanilla powder if you don’t have all ready macerated vanilla (then add the oil separately) 

vanilla macerated in oil and vanilla seed saturated with vanilline

– salt

-a pinch of curry.

How to proceed?

Boile your peeled potatoes in water. 

Mach your potatoes with a fork or i a blender (I like the fork to keep some texture in my mached potatoes)

Add a dash of vanilla oil as well as salt and curry (choose it mild for kids)

sweet potato with vanilla and curry