Unusual recipe and so fast and easy way to eat gluten free…

vanilla pods banana organic vanilla for organic cosmetic fragrance

Right, I am living part time on the other side of the planet…for the sun, the fun…ok and a little bit because Pacific is a wonderful place to find organic plants and aroms which are all what I need for my organic cosmetic formulas. Indeed, I am “hunting” the best botanical places to be sure to provide my organic cosmetic line whith the best of the best…

And last week end it was all about “hunting vanilla plantations” in a small and insulated island.

I guess this is not too much to say insulated….the culture there is like it was centuries ago.

beautiful natural place for frances organic beauty secrets blog

This has been a real cultural chock for me to visit the tribes on this island. People are still living in traditional huts made with vegetal. These huts are beautiful by the way, and people have the mix of high technology and wisdom of older customs. Crossing a little boy, probably 3 or 4 year old, made me realizing that, he was getting out of the family hut, barefoot, with very cute wild hair (never) cut, old and faded t shirt…he sat on the floor, in the dusty red soil…and began to surf…on his I pad…

I didn’t want to get my own ipad out and take a picture of this amazing scene, we are not supposed to take photos without having the introduction “tradition” done before…

All that to say…it was an amazing discovery, and a huge source of inspiration to cook…

lamb with vanilla stuffed

back to my Lamb-or chicken recipe, I just tried to cook it that way, and my sweetheart who has a very sophisticated French cooking taste…loved it…


-2 lamb cutlet per person, or 1 chicken breast

-1/2 of a vanilla pod per cutlet

-a pich of salt (I use Himalayan Salt)

– a tbsp of olive oil

-green peas and carrot

actually, today, I bought them to the farmer market and steamed them with some herbs…but guess what, this recipe is so fast you will love it twice 🙂

How to prepare this recipe:

Simply cut the splitted (so it can release all its flavor) pods in 3 or 4 pieces, incise each cutlet or breast with the tip of a knife and introduce the vanilla piece in lamb splits. Leave it in the fridge for a minimum of 1/2 , more is better (you can prepare it the morning for lunch or diner…)

How to cook it:

Simply frie in a fried pan with a tbsp of olive oil or on the barbecue.

lamb stuffed with vanilla pods

Its ready!!

For the lamb, I like to eat it rare cooked, if you have a good organic quality of meat, this is perfect. It is served that way in nice French restaurants…but the best cook is the way you like it…medium or well…will develop the vanilla flavour even more…

For the chicken, no doubt, cook it well…



Bon Appétit mes Amis!