Unusual fusion of white chocolate and Green Matcha Tea for these French Macarons, naturally gluten free!

How could I describe….the taste of this tea time marvel…some oriental touch, a sparkle of color, the sweetness of white chocolate… ok I agree, this is not the simplest dessert to cook but it worth the time…

I do love that time in the afternoon, when the sun skim the ocean…and my day is well consumed…tea time…

and I have to admit…having tea without some sweetness…noooo way…

And when you see how it looks like…you want to try this…

Fusion of matcha tea and white chocolate french macaron

Today I wanted to share a macaron recipe I recently tried, for this fusion matcha tea and white chocolate macarons, you will need:


for this recipe, my advise is to use a scale, you need to get the right proportions!

for the macaron dough:

-16.9 oz of powder sugar

-9.9 oz of almond powder

-7 oz of egg white (+/- 7 eggs)

-0.2 oz of matcha green tea powder

for the ganache:

-3.5 oz of whipping cream

-8.8 oz of white chocolate

-0.2 oz of matcha green tea powder

how to proced:

for the ganache:

Heat your cream

Add the tea and let it brew for 5 minutes

Pour while filtring the cream on the white chocolate

Stir with your spatula to obtain an homogeneus mix

Keep in the fridge for a couple of hour

Your ganache will turn firmer

for the macaron:

Mix 9.9 oz of powder sugar whith almond powder

Whip very firmly the egg white with the leftover of powder sugar and the matcha tea powder.

Pour very slowly and gently the mix of almond and sugar in the foamy egg white, use a spatula and be very careful to keep the foamy aspect. Stir until getting a very shiny aspect

Lay with a pastry bag on a pastry paper

gluten free macaron dough


Let it dry for about 40 minutes and switch on your oven at 300°F

Cook for 10 to 12 minutes? let the oven door open!!!

The final touch for your yummy gourmet macarons:

Pour your pastry bag with the ganache

Fill generously half of a shell, complet with another shell…

It’s ready!!! A table!!!

green matcha tea and white chocolate french macron


Bon Appétit mes Amis!