These Gluten Free  Gourmet Chocolate Brownie are….Gourmet Chocolate brownies….

Certainly not less than that….you don’t even notice it’s gluten free…

chocolate brownie melting

To cook this marvel you will need:

-3.5 oz of dark chocolate (of course choose a gluten free chocolate)

-2 eggs

-1/3 cup of white rice flour

-1/2 cup of brown cane sugar

-1/4 cup of margarine

Gluten free brownies

Preheat you hoven at 400 °F

Melt your chocolate in microwave or in bain marie

Split yolk from eggs

Keep the egg yolk appart

Whip the egg yolk with sugar until turning “foamy” and “white”

Add flour, melted margarine and melted chocolate

Beqt the egg white untill getting a firm white foam.

french gluten free gourmet deep chocolate brownie

Blend gently everything together

Pour your moulds, silicone moulds are easier to demould…

Place in your hoven for 10 minutes (not more if you want to have the melting look…and taste…

French Gourmet Chocoalte Brownie


Bon Appetit les Amis!!!